Learning Curves Were Easier When I Wuz A Teenager


Corks! Forgive me, oh reader, if I seem a little fraught; this blogging lark has shredded my nerves – I haven’t been this taxed since VAT was introduced ….

One has already met a ‘friend'( who hopefully might yet turn out to be a Friend), and  one’s wife, long departed to a nightshift on a hospital ward that makes world war 2 look like a quiet day in Bridlington, has disowned me, since my pizza was hastily constructed between bouts of feverish HTML and blog-sorting.

Is there (I hear you ask) to be anything of import or, indeed, interest ever rearing its ugly head on this blog? Enjoy the calm before the storm, fair reader, ‘cos something – and it don’t smell too pretty – will soon hit the fan as I rant on and on about subjects I know far too little about on which to hold forth; but I shall opine away anyway, as the chance of anyone actually reading any of this tinker’s drivel is slight, so I can be safe in the knowledge that the final result of my ranting will be to simply clear an amount of bile from the spleen of me life. I shall, for the amusement of any soul silly enough to read, acquaint you all with the grit that inhabits my life’s Vaseline.  If nothing else, cher reader, it should make you realise the truth of the old adage that there is always someone worse off than you … still – it would be wise not to take too much notice of me.  I have, after all, only two more ‘O’Levels than I have cats; the latter having been more use to me in life than the former.  Luckily, none of the five are Geography.  That would have been too tragic …

So, avid reader, if you have got (gotten for our transatlantic cousins) this far, you should maybe look in from time to time.  It may amuse during one of those dreary wet days.

But if you do feel like returning, do go ask your doctor what is in those tablets he has prescribed for you …

Be at peace

And, if you have been, thanks for reading


PS … Please go to www.thehungersite.com once a day and click to feed the hungry will you? No registration, no cookies, but you will help those less fortunate than yourselves… R

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2 Responses to Learning Curves Were Easier When I Wuz A Teenager

  1. imogen says:

    Hi Roger,
    Sorry no more photos of the boys yet, the bloody photo upload control won\’t install…argh!!!! I will try on my night shift and a different comp!!!!

  2. imogen says:

    I\’ve managed yey!!!
    Your cats are beautiful, especially Rosie (I love brindle cats) and Daisy with her thumbs…polydactyl I think they call it? In fact, all cats are beautiful creatures…you do know that we are their slaves though!!!
    Hope this finds you well

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