September and Raining Already

You should always start a blog in September if you live in England – things just can’t get worse; only dark, cold days to come, but none of the exhilarating frosts of winter yet, none of the anticipation of spring that even the most miserable January has to offer …
I looked at this new Live Space and saw :
"Friends (0)"
Succinct I thought.  A nice put down.
And it’s still raining.
Be at peace.
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5 Responses to September and Raining Already

  1. imogen says:

    hi there,
    the weathers not that bad…and theres better to come i heard! I don\’t know where you live but we\’ve had sun alday…sorry…didn\’t mean to rub it in.
    Take care n chin up hun
    Im x

  2. imogen says:

    oh yeah,
    I forgot…welcome to spaces!!!

  3. david says:

    Well young man.  I will always be able to call you that.  It is time again for you to be challenged to write professionally.  The subject?  Awww, I should think anything you care to choose.  It wold be important only to have a catchy title to your book.  Let\’s say choose from one of the following:
    \’Only Dead Fish Go With the Flow\’
    \’If the Earth Didn\’t Suck We Would All Fall Off\’ or
    \’Rehab. is for Quitters\’  I\’m sure you could write a really thought provoking book on one of these; your tlaents are or have been hitherto wasted.  Take Care Bro.
    and God bless

  4. Charlotte says:

    Hi Freundlein. You should be here today. Massive showers, wind and then sun. A rather low sun that shines off the water right into the eyes and if one does not immediately flips the luxaflex one is blinded for a moment before migraine starts. A \’plink\’, a whoozy sensation and off we go to the medicine chest for the immigran.
    I wish you were here, family and all, because we could have a LOT of fun.
    A rather worrying thing has occurred recently: headache after red wine. This is just too awful to contemplate.
    Maybe I should buy more upmarket stuff.

  5. Charlotte says:

    Roger, what happened with the Flying Lesson? I would love to know. Please let us know soon!
    Happy Easter!

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