Dentistry – And Other Narsty Things

Ok, so I hate going to the dentist. It frightens me.  So I would like to say a BIG thanks to the kind guys and ladies – the dental and nursing staff – of the Birmingham Dental Hospital.  Believe me, they are great !  I am having a fair bit of extracting and filling and impression taking at the moment – not something I relish; but the staff there just make it so much easier to bear – well done, y’all!

There aren’t any other narsty things really, except perhaps the lack of a decent socialist alternative to vote for at the moment; I voted LibDem last time, the first time I had not voted labour for some 32 years, and the only result was that I (and others like me) split the vote, and let a Tory in.  I was distraught.  As a lifelong socialist – believing in such fanciful notions as putting people first, not killing people first – I am at a loss as to where to put my mark next time.  If only there was a ‘none of the above’ candidate, eh?  Any other socialists out there who are dreading the next time they have to put an X in the box of their choice ?  What are you considering doing?  Leave a comment and let me know, eh?  If there is anyone reading this drivel of, course …

Any way I’m orff to bed … unless I can wheedle a late cuppa char out of the missus …

G’nite All !


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2 Responses to Dentistry – And Other Narsty Things

  1. Christine says:

    Hello, nice of you to drop by and say I wasn\’t boring! Things usually aren\’t quite to the level of describing phone contracts, but the book is: tragically! It can be found here and is released on 29th November.
    Done my sales pitch – now I can wholeheartedly agree with you about voting. When I was coming up to 18, I was actually excited to be able to vote. But now? We have a Tory trying to persuade his party to be more left-wing and a labour leader who wants to be more right-wing, and any vote for LibDem seems utterly wasteful. I wonder if Ms Pankhurst knew what things would be like a hundred years after she put her liberty on the line for me??

  2. imogen says:

    I\’m not voting Roger. I couldn\’t deal with the guilt of voting for another numpty to mess the country up more than it already is. Like you, I am stuck with no one to vote for or \’none of the above\’ as you say!
    Hope this finds you well

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