I know, I know, I should have written earlier …

I know I should write more, I know i should network and gain ‘friends’ (and hopefully not influence people ….) but it comes down to using all my energies just to go out the front (well, actually, the side) door into the open air.

I hate it today, especially, because it is a beautiful spring day and I know it should be enjoyable. Well, partly enjoyable because I need to do some shopping for the family, and, however hard I try to source stuff from the market, I usually am forced, like an unwilling poodle, to enter the all-hail to the god Profit supermarket. It’s heresy to claim these monoliths of supply (and overwhelming demand) are in any way counter productive to our way of living, of course; everybody – nearly everybody, perhaps, but it can include me – wants the cheap, plentiful, easy reach goods that lines the serried rows of inert shelves. Inert, that is, excepting that they can somehow come alive with promise of a better life, or a bigger life (in the case of the doughnut stand). They all have their little signs, their flash cards of joy, their proud defiance against the overcharging of other such supermarkets. Grr.

And they take away so damnably from the greenery and the promise, the fecundity of a spring just itching to show us of what she is made.

Still, it’ll be nice if I make it outside. I have to practice – on Monday I have to go to a local airport and have a flying lesson (courtesy of my daughters ….) … I love flying in Flight Simulator on the computer, but actually I don’t have much of a head for heights … oooer

I’ll let you know what happens.

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One Response to I know, I know, I should have written earlier …

  1. imogen says:

    Hello you,
    It seems like we are both victims of lives beyond the computer! Lovely to see you blogging again and thank you for your comment. I hope your shopping trip was not too traumatic or that you managed to delegate it appropriately so you could enjoy the spring for what it is!!! I myself am a slave to tescos (as well as the cats)
    How was your flight?

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