All Change .. what a strange world this is …

Well …

So Live Spaces is no more, and I am now a WordPress blogger.  Sounds very grand, even though I am about as grand as a ten-bob note.  Anyway …


… is the screaming headline from one of today’s Sunday tabloids.  I am not sure why this paper – though the others bear little resemblance to real life either – thinks that the most burning topic of the day is why some once-was pop star is putting up shelves with a mate of his erstwhile wife.  Or why any reasonable human being should be interested where the poor child is putting his plonker at all.

I’ll look forward to those of you (either one of you will do) who thinks that such things are worth knowing explaining to me what sexual proclivities, adventures or positions a non-celeb has can be remotely interesting.

It is surely a sad reflection on one’s own life – and mine is by no means perfect – that such ‘news’ could be of interest to one?  A reflection of the utter despairing humdrum of squalid social existence that causes one to leap up and down with joy at such a headline?

It’s a comment on society – and the monster press, now firmly wedded to ‘celebrity’ in order to sell a single issue of their dreadful rags – that such a headline should have such huge prominence on the front page of a national Sunday paper.  Let’s leave out the erstwhile function of Sunday, and agree that we do not necessarily want Sunday to be about terrible bombings, political unrest, or murder most foul; yet, surely, there is more happening in the world than the dampness of ‘Pete’s’ todger, and where he last remembered having it.

I’m not sure this world was a place I was meant to born into; I think one of those new-fangled multiverses got mixed up when I was due to enter into sentience and humbuggery.  If I could find a way back to the multiverse of sanity – Claus or clause – then I would be off as fast – as my dear departed father was wont to put it – as shit off a shovel.

Though I must admit, I never understood the phrase. Mine, anyway, on the Atkin’s diet, would tend to stick, and stick terribly.  I never understood It’s like the curate’s egg – good in parts either.  Let me know if you work either or both of them out.

Someone must know.

Pip pip!


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